Double Raspberry Parfait Pots Recipe


Serves 2

  • Small punnet of fresh/frozen raspberries

  • Up to 5 tbsp of The Cherry Tree Raspberry Extra Jam

  • Up to 5 tbsp of soya yoghurt (can also use Greek yoghurt)

  • Up to 4 tbsp of oat granola

  • Freeze dried raspberry pieces and powder, for garnish (optional)

  • A sprig of mint, for garnish


  • Simply spoon layers of your granola, raspberries, chosen yoghurt and extra raspberry jam between two pots and repeat the layers until you fill your pot.

  • Garnish with extra raspberries, freeze dried raspberry powder (if using) and a sprig of mint. Best served on the day you make the dessert so it's nice and fresh. 

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