Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake Brownies

Two delicious desserts in one featuring a rich and decadent brownie base, luscious and creamy cherry amaretto cheesecake layer, and added swirls of incredible Cherry Amaretto jam!

February 11, 2022
Cherry & Amaretto Swiss Roll with White Chocolate Cream Recipe

Cherry & Amaretto Swiss Roll with White Chocolate Cream

Give this classic recipe a modern twist with a delicious punch of Amaretto and cherry!

February 08, 2022
Tags: Baking
Chocolate & Cherry Star Bread Recipe

Chocolate & Cherry Star Bread

This Star Bread made with Cotswold Flour and packed full of delicious Cherry Jam from Cherry Tree Preserves and Montezuma's Chocolate is the perfect tear and share bread for Valentines's Day. Though it's so tasty, you may not want to share!

February 08, 2022
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Chocolate Brownie Cake Recipe

Chocolate Brownie Cake

How about making your Valentine this insanely decadent, fudgy ‘brownie’ cake, with dark chocolate, milk chocolate buttons, a zingy layer of Cherry with Amaretto Extra Jam and white chocolate mascarpone cream.

January 26, 2022
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Cherry Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Cherry Chocolate Brownies

This heavenly combination is a celebration of chocolate, cherries and baking. Add a shot of amaretto to give these brownies a boozy twist!

January 26, 2022
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Honey & Ale Mustard Roasted Parsnips Recipe

Honey & Ale Mustard Roasted Parsnips

Sharp and crispy roasted parsnips – perfect for a Sunday Roast or for Christmas Dinner!

December 10, 2021
Hot Garlic Biryani Recipe

Hot Garlic Biryani

This recipe is a fusion collab knock out with a banging spiced poussin and The Cherry Tree Hot Garlic Pickle glaze. The roast garlic sea salt seasons the birds perfectly and the cauliflower rice provides a cruciferous bitter-sweet back note with moreish smoked cashews.

November 03, 2021
Hot Smoked Duck & Chilli Jam Recipe

Hot Smoked Duck & Chilli Jam

This smoky duck breast is glazed with chilli jam for a spicy, sweet finish that hits all parts of the palate with vibrant delight. The chilli glazed chestnuts, roasted squash and metallic black kale seasoned with sea salt flakes work incredibly well together. Perfect for al fresco dining and a chilled glass of cider.

November 03, 2021
Orange & Whisky Roasted Duck Recipe

Orange & Whisky Roasted Duck

Glazing this roast duck with The Cherry Tree Orange with Whisky Marmalade adds tonnes of flavour in the later stages of roasting and builds a complex layer of warming bitter-sweetness to the bird. Also try our glazed carrots for a sweet autumnal side dish with smoked sea salt.

November 03, 2021
Duck Pancakes with Mango & Ginger Recipe

Duck Pancakes with Mango & Ginger

This recipe is a nice twist on Asian-style shredded duck with a fruity glaze and chopped mango salad. The Cherry Tree Mango & Ginger with Toasted Cumin Seeds Chutney is delicious hot or cold and delivers sweetness and a hint of spice.

November 03, 2021